Fibreglass Roofing Supples

Save lots of time with Drysys prelaminated fibreglass roofing boards.

What is Drysys roof decking?

Drysys is a revolutionary way of fibreglass roofing. It is a totally unique design utilizing presized prelaminated 18mm osb3 boards.

Drysys has many benefits, prelaminated boards can be installed atleast 50% faster than traditional fibreglass roofing.

Drysys boards are laminated indoors at a stable tempeture thus giving the best possible results of GRP roofing.

The unique patented joining system allows the boards to be quickly brought to a waterproof state.

Drysys boards are manufactured to sizes ideal for most modern building structures ie joists at 400mm centres.

Drysys boards consist of 2kg fibreglass resin per m2 and 600g of matting, meaning they are automatically suitable for low footfall. Ideal for high quality roofing or low traffic balconies.

You will also need to purchase the correct amount of joining kit found here.

Drysys roofing decking and kit are currently only available for collection.

For resin, topcoat, trims and tools please make a seperate order.

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